STOP Using "They Love Themself" As An Insult!

#loveyourself #selflove #selfworth Apr 09, 2024

"They love themself."

A phrase so often flippantly used as an insult, dripping with condescension and disdain.

But why?

What's so wrong with loving yourself?


As someone who has embarked on a journey of self-love, I can tell you firsthand that there's nothing shameful or narcissistic about it. In fact, it's one of the most empowering and transformative acts you can undertake.

But let's clear something up from the beginning:

Loving yourself IS NOT…

✨ The same as having an inflated ego or being self-absorbed.

✨ About placing yourself above others or

✨ Seeking validation at the expense of someone else's worth.

True self-love is rooted in compassion, acceptance, and a deep appreciation for your own unique essence.

So why is it so often perceived that self-love is a weakness rather than a strength? Maybe it stems from a collective discomfort with vulnerability – the fear of exposing our true selves and being judged for it. We're taught to be humble and modest, as if acknowledging our own worth somehow diminishes the value of others.

But here's the truth: loving yourself is not selfish; it's necessary!

It's about recognising your worth and treating yourself with the kindness and respect that you deserve. It's about setting boundaries, prioritising your needs, and honouring your truth, even when it's uncomfortable.

When we live in a world that profits greatly from our insecurities – this act is almost mind-blowingly revolutionary!

I'll be honest – learning to love myself hasn't been a piece of cake. It's had its fair share of ups and downs, like a rollercoaster ride through self-doubt and fear. But with each twist and turn, I've discovered a newfound sense of freedom and empowerment that makes the journey worthwhile.

Sure, there were moments when I felt about as comfortable as wearing socks with sandals (and yes, I know that’s a thing with kids now), but embracing vulnerability has led to some pretty amazing breakthroughs. And let me tell you, the feeling of empowerment that comes with loving yourself? It's like finding a hidden treasure in a sea of uncertainty.

Am I 100% there yet? Hell no!

But the fact I can look myself in the mirror and say it without flinching is huge for me and everyday I continue to grow me more!

So yeah, it hasn't been easy, but it's been one heck of a ride. And trust me, it's worth every bump and bruise along the way.

How many people can actually say that they love themself?

I'd venture to say not nearly enough!

But here's the thing – it's never too late to start. Whether you're just beginning your journey or you've been on this path for years, know that you are worthy of love, just as you are.

You are deserving of compassion, forgiveness, and unapologetic self-acceptance.

Let's reclaim the phrase "they love themself" from the realm of insults and turn it into a badge of honour!

Let's celebrate those who have the courage to embrace their own worth and shine their light brightly for all to see.

And most importantly, let's start by loving ourselves – fiercely, unapologetically, and without reservation.

Because here's the truth:

The world needs more love, not less. And it all starts with loving ourselves ❤️


With love and radical self-acceptance,

Sam x



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