Your Career Isn't a Lifetime Sentence!

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What's Your Exit Strategy?

I don't need to tell you that the days of "lifer" roles are over!

Look, we all know the days of staying at one company until retirement are over. And thank God for that! Who the hell wants to be chained to the same gig for 40 years? Not me that’s for sure!

The corporate world moves too fast nowadays to get complacent or let your skills go stale. You've got to keep levelling up and finding new challenges. Otherwise, you'll wake up one day having fooled yourself into becoming a professional robot just going through the motions.


Your Next Career Move Starts NOW

So, let's get real - you need an exit plan. A way to keep evolving and making strategic career moves on your terms. Don't wait until you're sick of your role or company to start thinking escape routes. Get proactive now!

Waiting for some magical "right time" to start exploring options is a rookie mistake. That perfect moment may never come if you don't seize control and create it yourself. Your next big move begins today by getting clear on what you really want from your career.

Don't be that person who skates through life only to wake up years from now full of regret. By developing an exit strategy, you're the master of your career destiny, not just letting circumstances decide your fate! (Sounds good, right?!?)


Consider All Your Options 

Maybe it's a move to a new team or position within your current company. Getting exposure to different skills, people and perspectives can reinvigorate your fire and prepare you for bigger moves down the line.

Perhaps it's finally time to take that recruiter's call and jump to an exciting new opportunity at a different company.

Or it could be your ingrained entrepreneurial itch needing to be scratched by building something yourself from the ground up. 

The path is yours to define - but you need to have one mapped out. Don't be that person who wakes up 10 years from now realizing you're stuck and stagnant, desperately needing a change but having no clue what move to make.


Tune Into Your Heart's Calling

For those who don't have that crystal clear next step or big career goal mapped out yet, don't panic. Sometimes you've got to get quiet and tune into that intuitive voice inside about what really lights you up and aligns with your purpose.

Listen closely to what feels expansive and exciting, even if it's not immediately obvious how to get there. Your heart and gut know what paths will be most fulfilling before your mind can rationally plan it all out. Stay open, keep exploring, and the clues about your calling will reveal themselves.

Ultimately though, you've still got to take action and make moves, even if they're small steps in reconnecting with your passion. Don't let fear and analysis paralysis keep you stuck in a career you've simply outgrown.


Your Exit Strategy Action Plan

  • Get brutally honest about your long-term goals and ambitions
  • Identify skills and experiences you need to acquire for your ideal roles
  • Beef up your professional network and personal brand
  • Learn about exciting companies and opportunities aligning with your vision
  • Build up your financial safety net to enable future career flexibility
  • Start taking small steps today towards your bigger career aspirations


Have a Gameplan 

Continuous learning, networking your ass off, and having a bit of a financial safety net in place to give you some flexibility - are all critical parts of the exit strategy gameplan.

If heading up a team or division is the aim, reverse engineer the types of roles, companies and skills you need to get there.

Have a burning business idea? Map out the steps, side hustle, funding sources, etc. that can one day let you bet on yourself full-time. 

Whatever path is calling you, proactively planning your next couple of career moves will ensure you're always ready to make the next power play. Don't let life just "happen" to you.


Be a Total Career Badass

At the end of the day, having an exit strategy gives you a roadmap to keep evolving as the total career badass you are...

Sam x


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